I met Javin Bay in 2012. That was the year I turned 50, and decided to give myself permission to be myself and not care what others thought of me.
I used to be very shy and insecure…. Started out dancing at the back of the class where I wouldn’t get noticed. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror while dancing.
One day I finally got the courage to ask Javin and Kayla how to do some of the steps that I was having trouble getting. They both spent time with me after class to show me the moves, and practice it with me until I finally got it. They are wonderful instructors who care about their students.
It wasn’t long before I was dancing alongside the instructors at the front of the class. Even on the stage at one point. This is something I never thought I would be able to do. This is all because atmosphere at Javin Bay Dance Fit classes is one of love and acceptance.
So began my journey into adulthood (the fiftys),  being a more loving and confident self, and dance was a big part of it.
Dancing has always been fun for me. Dance class is the only exercise I look forward to, and I feel disappointed when I have to miss a class. It gives me energy when I’m tired. When I don’t dance, I start to feel depressed. It’s not just the adrenaline producing exercise, the awesome upbeat music, but also the people in the class.
Through dance class, I have developed loving friendships that go beyond the dance floor. We go out together to eat, to concerts and shows, get our nails done, to take an art  with wine class, to celebrate our birthdays, Halloween parties, picnics, and more eating! We have become a community of friends who truly care about one another. They have become another family for me, a healthy, loving and supportive family.
I am a happy wife and mother of two teenage boys. I also have loving family and friends both near and far away (mostly far away, actually). In all my relationships, learning and growing continues, and never stops.  It is still a challenge to fully share myself, and become more visible.
It was hard for me to write this, knowing that people will be reading it. I hope that others who think that they are too shy, or too uncoordinated to try dance-fit, will come and join us!.
I have so much to be thankful for, and I’m especially thankful for Dance in my life.

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“This is something I never thought I would be able to do.” Eileen K.