After having twins and completely sacrificing my body, time, and energy I was ready to get my body back.  My identical twin girls were 1.5 years old and I joined the FAC.  I tried different classes like body pump, spin, and yoga.  I loved the results of my changing body, but never really enjoyed the act of working out during the classes.  The instructors were fabulous, but the work out was hard and honestly, not enjoyable.  I was proud of myself for completing them, but I had to talk myself into going to them all.
Then I saw THEM.  After a body pump class, I found myself staring through the glass at some crazy people moving their bodies in ways I have never seen before.  It was interesting, but I was not going to that.  What if someone saw?  What if I couldn’t get the moves?  No. No way I was going to embarrass myself.  Then enters Tabitha.
Tabitha said to go and try and stand in the back.  She assured me I would not get all the moves right, but I just needed to keep moving.  I did.  I was a total mess.  Salsa?  Merengue?  Listen, just let me freestyle.  I did it though.  A whole hour.  I was out of breath and out of shape, but I went back because it was fun.  Everyone was so nice!
I went back and got better.  My brain and body recognized the movements.  After about 2 months I was feeling confidence I have never felt before.  I was moving my body like I’ve never moved before. My body was changing.  My spirit was changing.  I was changing.  I love dance!  Wow.  I was addicted.
Javin, Kayla, and the crew (previously referred to as THEM) invited me out to gatherings.  I went.  I ate.  I laughed.  I had fun.  I made friends I probably would never have made.  I danced.  I grew.  I am still growing and I’m still dancing.
I was inspired to push myself and be challenged.  With encouragement from Javin and Kayla, I now am a Zumba instructor.  I believe in the power of dance.  It’s freeing.  It’s beautiful.  Everyone does it differently, but unfortunately not everyone does it.  I feel sorry for them- they don’t know what they’re missing!

“After about 2 months I was feeling confidence I have never felt before.” ~ Tiffany S.