Javin Bay is a well known dance instructor who sings to his students, but, he’s much more than that. He and his wife, Kayla, love music and dancing. This is why she convinced him to attend a Zumba class with her in 2008. Two years later he became an instructor and went to work all over middle Tennessee bringing music and fitness to the masses.

Javin combines many styles of dance- Tango, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Merengue, Hip Hop, and Bollywood to name a few- to get his students moving, smiling, shaking and shimmying toward better health. It’s his love for people, and his desire to help them live happier, healthier lives that has kept him dancing all these years.

Javin and Kayla have a son, Javid who just graduated high school. He will be producing his own dance show later this year. Their daughter, Syriah, is also a singer, dancer, and lover of people. Together, their family has created a community in which people of all ages, colors, backgrounds, and fitness levels can come together to dance, to learn, to grow, and to support each other in realizing their goals. They’ve created a warm, comfortable, body positive environment where all are welcome and encouraged to dance like no one is watching. Or as Javin says, “Come leave us breathless.”

Javin is currently the Executive Producer for his channel on Virtuo Interactive. His show, Javin Bay Dance Fit, will bring the music and moves to even more people all around the world. He is excited to help even more people feel good in their skin while creating better health in their bodies.

When Javin isn’t dancing, he loves to sing. He enjoys cooking all kinds of cuisine.  He especially enjoys taking his favorite foods and finding ways to make healthier versions of them. Most of all, Javin loves to help and inspire people. He believes that happiness is a choice, and his positive attitude, smile, and laughter are absolutely contagious. His greatest joy is to watch his students grow, and support one another in reaching their goals. Because of the supportive environment he has created, many of his students have overcome major health issues, lost significant amounts of weight, and improved the quality of their lives.

You can connect with Javin on Facebook for pictures, videos, and all kinds of inspiration.