How To Dance Like Nobody is Watching…

Dancing can be really intimidating for people. Many times, people are too afraid to even try because they think they will look silly. Any of my students would probably tell you that they felt silly when they first started taking classes. It’s normal to be a little self-conscious, especially if you’ve never danced before!

It’s amazing for me to watch my students grow. As they learn the moves and routines, that self-consciousness fades. They stop taking themselves so seriously. They start having fun. They start to put their own style into their moves. And, somehow- as if by magic- they stop worrying about what anyone else thinks about what they are doing.  They are just there, in the zone, doing something they love- and that is all that matters in that moment.

When we do what we want to do without fear of judgement from others- that is freedom.

To dance like no one is watching means to let go of our fear. It means we appreciate our body for the miracle it is. We let go of the idea that we have to be perfect. We allow ourselves to experience joy without hesitation or inhibition. We feel the music and we move, and it never even crosses our minds that someone might be looking- it doesn’t matter at all.

The best part is, this confidence that we feel when we are dancing spills over into the rest of our lives. When we feel good in our skin- it shows! We don’t just feel that way in class- it goes everywhere with us. Increased self-confidence is one of the biggest benefits of dancing- one that most students experience after just a few classes.

So, go ahead! Salsa, Tango, Cha-cha… or just shake it!  Don’t think about it, just do it. Smile, let your fears go, and dance like nobody is watching. Be free. Be well. Be confident, beautiful, amazing YOU.



Written by: Renee Dubeau
Photo credit: Miracosta College/ Flickr






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